NiftyRec – NiftyPy

What is NiftyPy
NiftyPy is a Python wrapper for NiftyRec, enabling the use of NiftyRec within Python.
NiftyRec is a software library that provides GPU accelerated ray-tracing tools for emission and transmission computed tomography. NiftyRec is written in C and CUDA and compiled as a set of shared libraries.

Install NiftyPy
First, install the NiftyRec libraries. Follow the instructions on the Wiki page of NiftyRec.

Then install NiftyPy with one of the following methods:

1) Using Python PIP. In the command line (under Linux, MacOS or Windows) type:

pip install NiftyPy

2) Compiling the source files manually. Download NiftyPy from github, extract the files, cd to the extracted folder and (under Linux, MacOS or Windows) type:

python build test install